DIY Perfume: My Unicorn Roller Blend with Essential Oils

Before I started looking into cleaner ingredients in my products, I was a perfume snob. I never left the house without putting on perfume. I just hate the idea of being the smelly kid in class. As I learned about fragrance and got exposure to the dangerous chemicals that could hide under the umbrella term, my perspective changed. As soon as my last bottle emptied (which coincidentally emptied right when I was ditching toxic products) I started looking at other options. There are lots of clean options for perfumes out there but the DIY-queen in me wanted to make my own concoction.

I looked up essential oil recipes all over Pinterest and Instagram and found different variations. I looked up oils and their families (woodsy, citrus, floral and etc). Then I looked up the notes in my most recent perfumes that I had been using for the past couple of years. Floral was the key note in all of them. I had floral essential oils at hand, so I decided to create my own batch and call it my Unicorn roller. The smell might be too girl and sweet for some, but it is the perfect blend of floral and citrus.


- 20 Drops Ylang Ylang

- 20 Drops Citrus Fresh

- 10 Drops Geranium

- 10 Drops Lavender

- 10 Drops Bergamot

- Carrier oil (I used Coconut oil)

- 10ML Roller