Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine

When I decided to clean out my beauty routine, I was terrified. I had so much makeup that was just sitting in my vanity and I couldn’t part with them. However, the more I read about the toxic ingredients in my favorites, it made me realize that my health and my family’s health was way too important to push aside.

I didn’t know where to begin… So, I turned to my resources and learned about the worst offenders in my beauty routine.


1.      MASCARA: Any mascaras that contain carbon black are a big no-no!

2.      LIPSTICK: Think about how much lipstick you ingest in your lifetime. If you’re like me and wear it every single day, that’s a lot! Just read this article about how there were traces of lead found in mainstream lipsticks… If we banned lead in paints back in the day, why aren’t they banned from our lips?

3.      SHAMPOO: Shampoos that contain sulfates need to go! You’ll see paraben free shampoos but what about sulfates? They cause skin irritation. They also strip away the anti-microbial peptides that are there to protect our scalp.

4.      BODY LOTION: Many body lotions contain mineral oil which can be contaminated with toxins that have been linked to increased risk of cancer. Mineral oil is also known to clog pores.

5.      FACE MASK: Formulated with PEGs, depending on the make-up of the PEG, this ingredient could contain toxic chemicals, which are carcinogens.

6.      EYE CREAM: Eye and face creams that have preservatives could release formaldehyde that can cause irritation to the area it interacts with.

I urge you to open your eyes and read the ingredients on your favorite beauty products. I know it’s hard to break up but I promise there are better, high-performing alternatives out there.

Stay tuned for my safer recommendations... 

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