Leahlani Skincare

As most of you know, ever since my pregnancy I have been trying to stick to more natural ingredients in my skincare. I had no idea the world of green beauty that was out there. Instagram has been huge for me to find out about new brands and explore. 

Leahlani Skincare caught my attention because of its Hawaiian flare (C and I had our honeymoon there, so anything Hawaiian makes my heart sing). Her Instagram is a beautiful compilation of island living. The skincare has offerings from serums to elixirs to cleansers and masks. 

I had been eyeing their serums for a couple of months and when I ran out of my Drunk Elephant trial sizes, I decided to take the plunge and purchased the Siren Serum and the Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir

Leahlani Skincare Siren Serum and Aloha Ambrosia

Siren Serum

I put this on right before I go to bed as a night time treatment. It's the perfect amount of moisture for bedtime and it sinks in immediately. The citrusy scent is very refreshing but not overwhelming. I think this has done wonders in evening out my skintone and keeping me balanced. 

Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixier

This is supposed to be used as a standalone moisturizer and that is exactly how I use it for my combination skin. This oil is super smooth and makes my skin as soft as a baby's bottom. The scent is a fresh, floral scent that actually smells like flowers and not perfume. It takes a couple of minutes to sink in but my skin has never been looked better. The weather in Michigan has gone to the extremes (60 one day and then snowing and 34 the next) and it hasn't affected my skin at all. Of all the products, I would say this is my favorite! 

Citrus and Citrine Regenerating Toner

Leahlani Skincare Citrus and Citrine Toner

I solely bought this because it was made for oily skin and I always struggle with toners that strip my face from its natural oils. This stuff wakes me up in the morning! Having a one month old, sleep isn't an option and this is a nice little treat to perk me up. Citrusy scents are known for being mood boosters and this does the trick for me. I don't know if it's actually done anything to my skin as I used it in conjunction with the Aloha Ambrosia Elixir but I still love that it is a gentle toner. 

I have my eye on a couple of other products from this brand. I love that they are all natural and ran by an awesome girl boss, Leah who created the line to help her own skin. She pours so much love and hard work into her products and you can tell she knows her stuff!