What essential oils am I bringing in my hospital bag? - Little Nugget Chronicles

Essential oils for labor and delivery

Welcome to Little Nugget Chronicles, which will change its name once Baby A has made his arrival and received his name. I am thinking of starting a series for new-time mamas and share my experiences with you all!

Baby A’s due date is two weeks away and we are ready as we can be! Everybody is right… the last month of pregnancy takes decades to go by. Freddie still has no clue what is about to come into his life and as for C, he has been nesting more than I have. Our bags have been packed for a couple weeks now but I hadn’t finalized the little add-ons until now.

Preparing for this, I knew I wanted to bring my diffuser, oils and oil blends to help with any situation that might come up. I read countless blog, Instagram and Pinterest posts and below are the oils I will be taking with me in my hospital bag (CAUTION: This might be a little nuts to most of you, but I am a huge over packer and I didn’t see that changing with how many oils I bring).

I strategized my needs based on emotions that I would be going through (or think I will go through since this is the first time I will be birthing a child). Before you say anything, I know that things never go according to plan and everyone's birth story is different and my expectations will not be met - I have heard it all. This is just to prepare me for anything that might come up. Even if I don't use any of these, at least I have my peace of mind. 

Igniting happy thoughts

Essential oils for happy thoughts

Depending on how long I labor or how everything goes, I have a feeling I'm going to need to uplift my mood as much as I can. This is why I'm packing my happy three; Orange, Joy, and En-r-gee. Joy is one of my favorites as it is a citrusy-floral smell and really brings me warmth. I will be diffusing that. I packed En-r-gee for when I am ready to give up and have no strength and need to inhale something that will act as if I had some caffeine. Orange might be a game-time decision since I am already packing Joy which has a citrusy feel. 

"Women" oils

Next up are what I call "women" oils. Dragon Time is known for its healing properties for the "time-of-the-month". It provides hormonal balance which I think childbirth plays tricks on your hormones so this will be good to have. Clary Sage is the actual start of L&D; it is known for progressing labor (once labor starts, I do not recommend using this before you actually go into labor). It also has calming and relaxing properties. I will use this in a blend with lavender and ylang ylang diluted with coconut oil and rub on the soles of my feet, and stomach.

Essential oils for women

Easing the anxiety

Now the stars of the show that can be used before, during and after labor; the relax squad. I am still in between bringing me relax blend and tranquil, but I think I am going to go with my relax blend. For oils, I am bringing cedarwood and lavender to use together. Gentle baby will make a presence in my delivery room and for my baby after he is born. It promotes a sense of calmness for the baby and mama, reduces colic and promotes restful sleep for mama and baby - definitely, a diffuser must! Peace and calming and stress away are pretty self-explanatory.  

Essential oils to reduce anxiety and stress

There you have it, ladies! My potions are all packed in a ziploc bag ready to make their trip to the hospital. We're just waiting for that baby to let us know he is coming!

p.s. Make sure if you are bringing oils that your hospital is "oil-friendly"!