Little Nug Chronicles - What I packed in my hospital bag and what I actually used

My hospital bag had been ready to go three weeks before my due date. The whole time, I had the intention of writing about its contents but the last couple of weeks of pregnancy all I wanted to do was sit and eat gummy bears.

So here I am, combining two posts in one; what I packed for the hospital and what I actually used. SPOILER ALERT: you don’t need much.

I had three different bags packed; one for myself and C, my diaper bag for our baby, and a miscellaneous one for tech, baby book and etc. 

Hospital bag checklist


My bag

- Packing cubes I organized everything so that I could just ask C to bring things for me. This way each item had its own cube and C didn't have to look through a huge duffle bag full of stuff

- Two comfortable sweat pants (black) These ones from Athleta are the softest sweatpants I have ever purchased

- Two loose tank tops (sized up for comfort and ability to nurse)

- V-neck t-shirts

- Nursing bras and underwear  (didn't wear any of the underwear I brought, the ones they give you at the hospital are the best)

- Slippers

- Fuzzy, cozy socks

- Robe from PinkBlush

- Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, contacts, moisturizer, aquaphor (your lips get super chapped because you are dehydrated during your labor), deodorant, shampoo, body wash, makeup wipes (easy to clean face when you have no energy), hair ties, headbands

- Makeup bag: IT Cosmetics CC Cream, Olga's Organics face powder, Benefit goof proof brow pencil, Crunchi blush, Nars soft matte concealer

- Black leggings

- Going home outfit (black leggings, loose t-shirt and a cardigan). Do not bring your pre-pregnancy jeans and expect to put those on, even if they fit, you would be so uncomfortable

- Camera 

- Bluetooth speaker

- Chargers; camera, phone, speaker, iPad

- iPad

- Your own pillow with a cover that isn't white

Baby's bag

- Going home outfit

- Onesies with mittens (baby's nails are super sharp and long, the regular mittens fall off, so you want something that is sewn onto their onesies)

- Baby book (get their hand and foot prints)

- Swaddles

- Blanket

- Diapers - I brought this but definitely did not need it at all

- Pacifier

Dad's bag

- Snacks (you will want your partner by your side most of the time, so pack some snacks for them to munch on)

- Comfortable outfits 

- Pillow and blanket (chances are that they will have to sleep on a very uncomfortable cot, a blanket and their own pillow will make it more bearable)

- Toiletries: deodorant, shampoo, body wash, razor, toothbrush

This was our list and to be honest, I over packed... I wore the hospital gowns for half my stay and didn't need half of the clothes I packed. Our stay was three nights as my contractions got worse Thursday night and that's when I was admitted. I don't get how people look presentable at the hospital as I looked like a mess my whole stay there and didn't even care about what I was wearing or how much makeup was or wasn't on my face. 

I wanted to make a realistic list of things to bring to the hospital. Feel free to use the checklist below and add or remove items for your preference. From experience, I think the list below is all I would need the next time:)