Warby Parker Experience

Warby Parker Home Try On

I have been needing a pair of new glasses really bad. The ones that I have stretched out really quickly (cheap glasses) and kept falling off my face. I decided to wait until my annual check-up, since I knew my sight had gotten worse. 

I had my check-up mid-January and was convinced that I wanted to do the Warby Parker Home Try-On service. I've done something similar with David Kind and I loved those glasses too, however, I didn't want to spend $200+ on a pair of glasses, not right now anyway. 

I was so excited to receive my glasses super quickly. Warby Parker asks you a set of questions to determine the style you are looking for. Once answered, they give you options to put in your trial box and you can choose five options to try them on. I love that they come to your house and you can wear them in, out and about to see how you feel about them for a week. 

I obviously took to Instagram and let people choose my new specs. Warby Parker even commented back and made their pick! 

After I chose the "Chelsea" style, I went online made my order and Warby Parker contacted my ophthalmologist for prescription information. My glasses were in my hands the following week! I was so impressed with their speedy service. 

I am in love with the quality of these glasses. The price point is super reasonable and the home- try-on solution is so nice to have so that you don't get intimidated by the helpers at glass stores. I always end up choosing specs that I end up hating. 

If you are in the market for new glasses, I highly suggest you give Warby Parker a try!