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Ever since I've been pregnant, I've been on this kick to clean up our bath and body products. I know that not everything you put on your body is ingested however it's always nice to know you are making a safer choice, especially when you have a little human growing inside. So I did what I do best and Instagram searched "natural soaps". Tons of different little shops popped up but the cute branding of Zeep Bath suckered me in. 

Zeep Bath

Zeep bath is a small business out of Vegas and they handmake their product in small batches by using natural butters and oils. They are also vegan and cruelty-free! Their Holiday range launched the day after Black Friday, so I obviously went a little nuts and purchased a little bit of everything.

Some of the products I got were gifts so I didn't get to review them.


Zeep Bath Haul

As I mentioned earlier, I really was looking for a body wash that I could use with natural ingredients. I heard so much about whipped soaps and since I don't like bar soaps, I thought I would give this a try. I got the scent "Santa Baby" which has a lovely vanilla scent, and to me, it smells similar to Lush's Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This pink fluffy soap bubbles up on my loofah and gets the job done! When it comes to natural products, I'm always scared that they aren't going to lather and give me the satisfactory, clean feel. This soap lathers a lot! Then I got the Santa Baby Sugar Scrub which is filled with oils to nourish your skin while exfoliating. Exfoliation has been a huge part in my shower routine because I'm trying to prevent stretch marks (even though it's genetics, and I will probably get my "I love my mommy" marks). The hint of sparkle in this last after the shower and you will have specks of glitter here and there (nothing noticeable and flashy, just a hint of shimmer). 

Zeep Bath Whipped Soap and Scrub

The rest of the body products I got were gifts so I won't go into them! 

Zeep Bath Wax Melts

Next, I splurged on some wax melts. To be honest, I didn't expect these to be so huge for their price point. I bought these to use with my Scentsy. I got Grinch Cookies, #redcupseason, Mrs. Claus's Kitchen and Sleigh Ride wax melts.

You guys, these will last me years! First of all, their scent is incredibly potent, so you only need a little bit to last you five days. I cut mine up into mini pieces and got at least five chunks from the Grinch Cookies one. It makes my whole downstairs smell absolutely amazing! I highly recommend these if you are obsessed with the scent range that Bath and Body Works has but want a safer wax and burning method. 

Zeep Bath Wax Melt
Zeep Bath Grinch's cookies wax melt
Zeep Bath #redcupseason wax melt

I am super impressed with all of Zeep's products and highly recommend them as gifts and little treasures to spoil yourself with! 

Do you have natural bath and body brands that you love? Let me know in the comments below! 

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