Bumpdate - More Than Halfway There!

I am almost 25 weeks and let me tell you it feels like I've been pregnant for much longer than that. It does feel like second trimester is flying by! Today, we start our baby classes (2 hours classes, once a week until February). I am nervous but also relieved that I'll be getting some education around what to expect from labor and delivery. 

Pregnancy style

There are so many things that came with second trimester that put first to shame. I understand the second trimester bliss and why they always say that it's the best trimester. My nausea subsided right around the 15-week mark. I got my energy back and didn't actually have to take a nap every day after work. It felt like we were kicking and moving, me and the baby! Yup, you get to feel those amazing little kicks and jabs. Be careful what you wish for though - my child has not stopped kicking and jabbing and I am convinced he is preparing to become a ninja! It also always seems like he wants to start his movements when it's time for mommy to go to bed. Which opens up the conversation of sleep insomnia. It is common to start losing sleep and not being able to fall right into a deep, crazy dream (thank you, pregnancy hormones) during your second trimester. To combat this, I started putting our diffuser to work and diffuse a blend of lavender, stress away and cedarwood to calm my thoughts. I think the one piece of advice I would give any mama-to-be is to take care of yourself. Take that bubble bath, let the laundry pile for a bit, don't stay up too late to finish a work project. Your body is growing a miracle and it really does take a lot of energy and good health! 

In order to reset from all the craziness, we just took a mini babymoon in NYC. It felt amazing. There was a lot of walking involved (my sciatic nerve wasn't prepared for and flared up pretty much the whole time) but breathing fresh air, not having a set schedule and just enjoying ourselves felt absolutely amazing. Learning to enjoy each other in the midst of craziness is something I know we need to start preparing for. I absolutely adore my time with my husband and know that we need to intentionally set time aside to not forget ourselves and our relationship.

Gender reveal announcement

One new symptom that has been driving me nuts lately is how bad my acid reflux has gotten. It really hit over the Thanksgiving holiday and TUMS aren't really cutting it for me. Any tips for a mama on how to combat that?  

Speaking of tips, I'm planning on creating three blog posts dedicated to the three trimesters and survival tips and things that have helped me through them, so stay tuned for that :) 

Until next time,