How to Prepare for the New Year! - Power Sheets Review

Did you know that 2018 is next week? If you’re like me and plan everything in your life, you probably did. I am overwhelmed with all the change that will occur in the new year. We have a new baby coming, a slight career change and a more focused plan into my photography business. My adaptability is very low and I despise change. However, I am trying to shift my mentality and  embrace change and welcome it with open arms with a little bit of preparation from my Power Sheets! I’ve known about Power Sheets for about six months now and I was dying to purchase them and uncover the hype. 


Cultivate what matters power sheets

Support system

As soon as I got my goal planner, I jumped into the PowerSheets Group on Facebook. The Cultivate team and supporters are an amazing source for any newbie going into this. I was in awe of how much support and dialogue there was in the group. This actually kickstarted me to start looking through the planner and being serious about it. What really kicked my butt in gear was the PowerSheets prep week! During the week, every day you were prompted to complete a certain amount of pages from your goals section (white tab). This was incredible because not only did the whole community share their pages but so did the Cultivate team. Everyone's ambitions and needs inspired me to join in on the fun. I completed most of my goals section during that week except for the Big Picture and Word of the year section. I am still working on these and am very close to closing the loop. 


Cultivate what matters goal planner


Now you might be saying "Dilara, I know my goals for 2018, I just need help achieving them". Trust me, I get it! I am a goal-planning diva but I always find myself at the end of the year thinking to myself if I really achieved the things that matter to me. This is what really got me sold on the PowerSheets - the self-discovery of the goals section is amazing and eye-opening. You guys, I cried when I was filling out the page about "Letting Go". The questions Lara asks make you dig deep within yourself an uncover needs, fears and aspirations you wouldn't have uncovered unless you could afford therapy. I am so thankful for this section as it made my 2018 goals so much clearer for me. 

I'm very hopeful for the support this planner and the community will provide for me throughout the new year. I can't wait to sit back in this chair a year from now and reflect on 2018 and the successes I had with my goals. If you want to follow along, I am thinking of sharing my monthly sheets for all of 2018! 



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