Five Podcasts to Listen and Learn from in 2018!


How many of you listen to PodCasts? I used to dread the thought of me listening to people talk on my drive to work or anywhere else. I always thought of Podcasts as talk radio in late evening where men with monotone voices talk about current affairs.

Friends, I am converted! I can’t stop listening to podcasts. In fact, I have so many subscriptions that I can’t keep up. My commute to work isn’t very far so I can’t get through them quick enough, but I even sometimes pop some earbuds in during work to expand my knowledge.

For 2018, I wanted to prep you with my favorite podcasts. Some of these might not be relevant to your current lifestyle or interests but if you follow my shenanigans, you will appreciate at least one of my suggestions:

1.      The Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher: This is one of my absolute favs because Jenna is a fellow Rising Tide supporter and her story empowers me for my photography career. She has great tips and knowledge about growing your business. She also hosts amazing interviews with fellow talented creativepreneur and entrepreneurs on specific topics. Her style is super easygoing and I appreciate her casualness at 7 in the morning. 

2.       Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso: By this point, anyone and every one in the blogosphere knows who Sophia is. She is the creative genius behind Nasty Gal and the term "Girl boss". She has written a book about her career path and there is also a Netflix series out there - hilarious by the way! Similar to Goal Digger, this podcast offers up interviews with women who have made a name for themselves and pushed the status quo. 

3.       Up First: NPR: This podcast allows me to stay in-the-know of things. A daily 10-15 minute podcast that rattles through the top three stories of the day. I used to read the Skimm like crazy but fell off that train very easily. This can be plugged into my car in the AM and I actually feel like I have a sense of what is going on in the world. 

4.       Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline: Where are my glowmies at? These two are hilarious! The podcast focuses on all things that are girly; beauty, fashion, fitness and general lifestyle. Esther and Caroline aren't ashamed to talk about any topic and put a hilarious spin with their standup background. They interview magazine editors to instagram influencers on topics they are known for. A seriously funny podcast with some great knowledge.

5.       Coffee + Crumbs: On the other end of the spectrum, I have started listening to mommy podcast (11 more weeks). Coffee + Crumbs is actually a blog that has a podcast. This podcast focuses on the #momlife. They introduce different topics each time where they may tackle things that are hard about motherhood, being a working mom, and mom shaming. I love the authenticity in this podcast where you don't feel put down but more empowered to see other women struggle with the same things. I'm sure I will enjoy this more once Baby A. is in town but it has really given me perspective about certain momlife topics.