Gift Tag DIY

I love DIY anything! The only issue is that I buy all the materials for all the DIY in the world and then never have the time to do it. Today I set my mind to it and decided to make my own gift tags! I purchased some gold glitter cardstock and then I ended up finding red glitter, green, and red cardstock that I purchased last year - I had the same idea last year but never did it... 

I put my lovely Cricut to work and created these very simple gift tags to put on all my gifts. All you need is cardstock of your choice (I stuck to the traditional green and red) and a Cricut or just some scissors if you're good at cutting. 

Cricut DIY Gift Tags

For shapes, I created a Christmas tree with and without stars and stars with and without polka dots in Illustrator. You can use the files below to pop into your own Cricut machine as a "Cut" image to make it easy! 

Christmas tree with stars silhouette
Christmas Tree Silhouette
Star Silhouette
Star with Polka Dots Silhouette
DIY Gift Tags

Once you have your images cut out, all you have to do is lay them on top of each other, and bind them with some string. I made a tiny hole on the top of my tags and used beading string to tie them together. I used glitter for the holed pieces and flat cardstock for the silhouettes. This way, I got to write on the bottom piece and the glitter hid the bottom piece so that people couldn't sneak to see who got what ;) 

Cricut DIY Gift Tags