Pregnancy Nausea Help Aid - Essential Oils Recipe

If you saw my November favorites (click here), you know I have had a terrible first trimester with nausea. The one thing with morning sickness is that it isn’t just in the morning…. It’s all day. As a person who loves to cook, eat and bake, this was very difficult to manage. You can’t just take any medication for it either. I searched high and low for a cure that was safe for the baby and myself. A co-worker of mine started talking to me about essential oils. I had purchased a starter kit last year and didn’t look into any of the benefits and just used the diffuser to freshen the smell of my house. Once she told that she used “Digize” for nausea, I was sold! I spent that whole night looking at benefits and cautions with pregnant women using oils and felt that it was safe enough to use.

Pregnancy nausea remedy


After finding multiple recipes on Pinterest, I decided to combine some oils to make my own “Tummy” roller. It’s super simple to make. All you need are the essential oils, a carrier oil and a roller bottle (links to everything will be down below). I used this magical potion consistently everyday and it helped a ton with my nausea. IT WILL NOT CURE YOUR NAUSEA. Sorry mamas, I haven’t found the cure yet but it will help subside the effects so that you can function. I’ve also had some other ladies use this when they are having trouble going to the bathroom and they have called it magic.

Here is the recipe! Fire up your cauldrons and make away.

20 drops of Digize

20 drops of Peppermint

Fill the rest with your favorite oil - I chose sweet almond oil

Let me know if you have any magic essential oil recipes that you’d like to share.  


Pregnancy nausea remedy - digize essential oil