My "Emily Ley's organizational tools" obsession

Being type "A" comes with a lot of responsibility and a ton of to-do lists and color-coordinated notes... I blame my personality type for being the oldest in my family and always trying to find a solution to everything and making sure everyone is in harmony! This culture I developed has continued to find me at work. Don't get me wrong, being an achiever is amazing but there's also this constant pressure I put on myself for no reason. 

A Simplified Life and Simplified Planner

This achievement mentality made me obsessed with planners. I had my own planner every year since I was in grade school. At first it was a need because I kept forgetting everything (memory of a fish over here) and homework assignments were slipping at a very young age. The solution? A planner to remind of all the to-do's! 

Queue the part about my obsession with Emily Ley products. Now I am not one that has everything she has to offer but I do want all of them :) I'll tell you why; she gets it! She gets the to-do lists, the busy days and the constant pressure to achieve. 

She recently came out with a new book titled "A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living". I just started it (came on Friday) and I can honestly say that if you enjoyed the concept of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this is a simpler and humanly possible version. Her recommendations on tackling meals, your wardrobe, that junk drawer, chores and etc are attainable. Throughout the book, she also has little nuggets for you to fill out to start acting on the tips and applying them to your own life. I will write a detailed post about this book once I am through and share my journey through it (perfect timing since I have started nesting). 

Simplified Life
A Simplified Life

My next product that I have is her "Simplified Planner". Mine is brand spanking new but I can honestly say that I know we will be bestfriends. The pages are clean and constructed so well that it makes sense for my crazy, clustered mind. The version I have is the daily but she offers a weekly one as well. The rainbow tabs make my heart sing, and the detailed day-to-day schedules and to-do lists get me excited to start next year. I can see it now, me, sitting in my gray cubicle with my cute planner, crossing off all those to-dos! 

Simplified Daily Planner

Isn't she a beaut??? 

Next on my list to add to the obsession? "Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy" book that I've seen many girl bosses rave about. 

If you were under a rock and I shined into your life with this post, check out Emily on her Instagram .




Simplified Daily Planner